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Wellness startups are on the rise as global consumer demand soars

Not only have consumers been increasingly prioritising their wellness over the past two to three years, but the industry itself is anticipated to continue to grow each year by 5–10 per cent. The spike in consumer interest and demand in wellness has already inspired a handful of entrepreneurs to launch innovative products and services onto the market.

With recent research findings suggesting the importance that environmental factors have on our health compared to genetics, alongside a growing awareness of wellness as a lifestyle that needs to be incorporated into our everyday lives, consumer perceptions and behaviours when it comes to wellbeing have noticeably changed.

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Although priorities and spending habits differ across various countries, the parameters around wellness are increasingly expansive, encompassing health, fitness, nutrition, appearance, sleep and mindfulness according to the ‘Future of Wellness’ survey conducted by McKinsey & Company. Simultaneously, the marketplace is competitive, requiring that startups position themselves to address consumer needs while standing out from the crowd.

“Consumers have been empowered by technology, they’re accessing more information than ever before, and they’re able to make choices about their own health care.” – Scott Melville

From medical devices and health-related apps to skincare and nutrition programs, the wellness industry is teeming with activities and products that the GWI affirms are designed to lead to holistic health outcomes and put the control back into the driver’s seat for consumers as a result of numerous factors. In fact the GWI has revealed that the rapid growth of the wellness economy has surpassed global economic growth as consumers focus on prevention when it comes to their health.

Whereas previously wellness was thought of as a series of short-lived trends, in today’s world, particularly since the COVID-19 pandemic, taking care of one’s wellbeing has become more critical than ever.

At the heart of the evolution towards self-care are the educational resources we have easy access to today. Self-treatment can also be more cost-effective, efficient and empowering. Revealingly, the explosion in wellness products could reflect a combination of the effects of our modern lifestyle, but also a growing ageing population that has greater health requirements.

“Consumers have been empowered by technology, they’re accessing more information than ever before, and they’re able to make choices about their own health care, whereas in the past perhaps they would have relied upon their doctor to make those choices for them,” explains Scott Melville, President and CEO of the Consumer Healthcare Products Association.

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