Operator Manual BPe. Series of Tape Dispensers. The World’s Leading. Carton Sealing System. BETTER. PACKAGES”. Canal Street, Shelton, CT. Better Pack®. Seal with Integrity. TM. e. Product Line The Better Pack e was extensively tested and . (Standard manual dispenser was used for. Online service guide for your Better Pack from Tigerseal Products. Quality products and superior customer support for over 26 years.

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No electricity is needed to operate the tape dispenser Sustainable and. The cutter blade wotrks fine. The TapeShooter uses 35 lb. The Better Pack Plus is a manual water-activated better pack 555e manual dispenser that is rugged, reliable and simple to use. This model includes a top heater accessory.

Video Better Pack eS Video. The Packer 3S can be used with both reinforced and non-reinforced water-activated tape that is either.

Better Packages 555 Troubleshooting Guides

We have listed all model information that we have available. No electricity is nee Model Number 8BP Reinforced and non-reinforced water-activated tape, gummed side in or gummed side out Water Bottle Capacity: A more complete discussion of troubleshooting techniques is contained in the operating manual better pack 555e manual each machine.

Better Pack Packer 3s Call. Weekly Wash water brushes with mild soap; rinse well. Why Buy Genuine Parts?

This model includes a top heater accessory and it requires electricity. We also service most major cities on the East Coast of the U. Why Buy Genuine Parts? On Better Packages pacck add a few drops of light machine oil to felt better pack 555e manual. There are no reviews for this model yet. No tape is dispensed.

A malfunctioning dispenser can shut down an entire shipping operation. Look Up Parts Print Page. Never better pack 555e manual or work on an electric or electronic dispenser with the power turned on. To ensure maximum productivity, a dispenser must be easy to learn and operate.

Specifications Maximum Diameter of Tape Roll: Check better pack 555e manual the better pack 555e manual brush es and water tank are properly inserted so they don’t block the tape path. The best dispenser for you depends on the type manal products you are shipping, the volume of packages being sealed, the size of your shipping cartons better pack 555e manual the nature of your work force.

Better Pack brand dispensers are engineered for consistent performance and are built to last. Better Pack Packer 3s. Maximum Length of Tape Roll: Ideal for sealing large cartons, when long lengths of tape are required. Sleek in design, small in footprint, the Better Pack TapeShooter is a lever-operated manual water-activated tape dispenser that offers simple sealing for specialty applications. Email Interactive Request Mmanual Mail. No electricity is needed to operate the tape dis 555d and non-reinforced water-activated tape, gummed side in or gummed side out.

This is not uncommo Preventive Maintenance Better Packages tape dispensers and systems require minimal preventive maintenance and care. From a simple pull and- tear model for extremely low-volume carton sealing needs to manual non-electric models for moderate volumes to automated carton sealing systems for the highest volume shipping applications, Better Packages offers the dispenser and options that will better pack 555e manual your needs.

If the problem with your machine cannot be resolved with these tips or techniques in your manual, then you should contact your local authorized distributor or our Customer Support Department through Contact us. Oil upper and lower blades lightly with light machine oil. Add water conditioner if water is “hard. It simplifies and speeds up the packaging process when dispensing long lengths of tape.

Better Pack Tape Dispensers

Check water level, adjust if necessary. The is engineered for V and the M is. The Better Packages global network of authorized distributors provides the most better pack 555e manual service and support in the industry and Berter Packages carries an extensive inventory of standard replacement parts needed with normal use of the dispenser.

Better Packages dispensers have been extensively tested and proven in the highest volume shipping applications for over 90 years. For continual maximum efficiency, production equipment must be easily supported and maintained. Water-activated tape is one of the best sealing methods for doing just that.

Trouble Shooting Tips The following are simple troubleshooting tips to consider if there is a problem with your machine. Dispenses better pack 555e manual up to 30″” long in a single pull. Better Packages dispensers are sold and serviced by a global authorized distributor bwtter and come standard with the best warranty in the industry: The Better Better pack 555e manual and M excel in medium-to-high volume packaging environments, especially when sealing random-sized cartons.

Better Pack Ink Jet System » Manual Water-Activated Tape Dispensers | Better Packages

This machine is created for fast-paced packaging environments where increased productivity, efficiency and carton sealing output is needed. See each listing for international shipping options and costs. Water paco system ensures uniform wetting.