Application for U.S. Airworthiness Certificate (FAA Form ). (FRONT SIDE) . (BACK SIDE) Back to the Standard Airworthiness Certification Page. Fill Faa Form 6, download blank or editable online. Sign, fax and printable from PC, iPad, tablet or mobile with PDFfiller ✓ Instantly ✓ No software. Try Now!. 1 Apr The FAA Form 6 is the Federal Aviation Administration’s standard application for an Airworthiness Certificate (Standard or Special).

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This permit may be used with FormFormor Form For all other categories and purposes, information to complete the entries in this section would be contained in section I of the faa form 8130-6 for airworthiness certificate.

Operational faa form 8130-6 necessary for safe operation of the aircraft. In addition, in accordance with The FAA may witness flights or inspect the aircraft if deemed necessary. Actions pertaining to flight test areas must be coordinated with the nearest office of the Air Traffic Service.

A copy of each certification document should be retained in the faa form 8130-6 of the issuing office. For light-sport kit-built aircraft, the date of manufacture is the date the light-sport kit was completed by the manufacturer. When an aircraft meets the definition of light-sport aircraft in accordance with 1.

It is accomplished after faa form 8130-6 aircraft is completed and before the issuance of an experimental certificate. Designees and DOA manufacturers must enter the designation of the district office geographically responsible for monitoring their activities. The FAA must review the operating limitations with the applicant to ensure afa clear understanding.

FAA Form – VAF Forums

The objective is to ensure safe operation of the aircraft. A new program letter will be required when significant changes to the aircraft configuration and program objectives are planned.


faa form 8130-6 The number of special flight permits for conducting customer demonstration flights issued to a manufacturer must be limited to rorm need. Enter the model designation as shown on the aircraft ID plate in accordance with It can be made significantly easier using PDFfiller and faa form 8130-6 reviewing our short guide to help you figure out how to apply for an Airworthiness Certificate using FAA Form 6.

The same fwa number may be reassigned to a manufacturer each year.

Any flight of 8130-66 U. Experimental Amateur Built Certification. It is recommended that each permit issued be numbered serially in the upper-right corner of the airworthiness certificate by the issuing office; for example, SW-MIDO The FAA airworthiness certification process consists of a general airworthiness inspection of the aircraft.

Instructions for Completing Form faa form 8130-6 Record Inspection and Document Review.

When two or more persons are involved, enter only the name of the individual listed first on the aircraft ID plate. If the applicant faa form 8130-6 or will not provide the necessary documentation, the applicant should be advised that the aircraft cannot be 830-6 as an LSA until satisfactory evidence is provided to substantiate that the aircraft complies with A list of the accepted standards can be found on the FAA Web site.

In addition to the limitations deemed necessary for the particular flight, the following items must be considered when establishing operating limitations: XYZ Leasing wishes to operate ffaa A from one storage location to faa form 8130-6.

Operation Outside the Flight Test Area. There is no FAA inspection required after transfer of an aircraft with its airworthiness certificate unless it is determined that revised operating limitations are necessary.

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The manufacturers quality faa form 8130-6 responsibility includes material supplied and assembly work performed by other persons, including dealers, and distributors acting as an extension of faa form 8130-6 manufacturer.

A special flight permit for conducting customer demonstration flights may be issued when the following conditions are met: For flights that involve long distances over which various weather conditions may be encountered, the pilot in command also must be appropriately instrument-rated. This section must be for blank for all other certification actions.

Experimental military aircraft built under a military contract and identified by military aircraft ID marks do not require registration or the issuance of experimental certificates for flight testing or demonstration prior to acceptance by the military.

This space also may be used by the exporter to convey any other information pertinent faa form 8130-6 the issuance of the export airworthiness approval. If the information provided is adequate, and all requirements for issuance are satisfied, the ASI may issue a telegraphic or faxed special flight permit with appropriate limitations except The consensus standard for the design and performance of the aircraft rorm be listed in this block.

Enter the name of the manufacturer as shown on the propeller identification marking.