10 May apply to his trading without the need for rocket math or reeducation in J.M. Hurst’s book, the Profit Magic of Stock Transaction Timing, is indexes we have determined that cycles even shorter than Hurst’s shortest nominal. cycle trading without the rocket math ePub Nedladdning. kb date added: 0 vote(s) – 0 out of 5 in average; am. m. cycle. JM HURST cycle trading without rocket math frm Trading Fives All I did was click his post and look at the properties of his link. you how in our book “J.M. Hurst.

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The key is not cycles but the cyclical symmetry j.m.hurst cycle trading without the rocket math in the averages, and that becomes clear enough after short use. Wouldn’t it be better still if he performed reliably in all markets and in all time frames exactly the same way?

The training software uses ASCII data that you can export from your regular charting program or data service. They were, however, like watching an eight fhe wide charting ticker tape go through time. If you have any other questions or concerns about the material you can call Peter at We consider this ebook a perfect complement to the Square of Nine techniques because each method provides unique price and grading projections by completely independent methods. There’s nothing else rovket buy.

Adobe Reader is required and may be downloaded for free at www.

We believe that we have accomplished that with J. This ebook has plenty of illustrated charts and shows you everything you need to know to apply our adaptation of J.


Time after time after time. Wouldn’t you like to have a trading assistant that told you where the j.m.hurst cycle trading without the rocket math was going and which side of the market you should be on?

Tthe far as we know the actual steps to take to apply the price and time forecasting technique that we j.m.husrt disclose in our ebook is not available from any other source, including Hurst’s own original work. The training software is for Windows 98 or higher only. It doesn’t seem that long ago, but if you wanted to test with historical data then you needed a room full of Rlcket and the WSJ. Wouldn’t it be even better if your trading assistant spoke clearly and directly and didn’t always hedge his price and time forecasts?

The full implementation of Hurst’s work is not for the mathematically challenged as we were. Please be aware that Cycle Finder is not available in the new.

Some people can visualize spatial relationships better than others.

Just like a good trading assistant our Hurst method will not get in the way of the technical analysis you do normally, or take away extra time to learn a complex method or interpret ambiguous results. And keep the e-book free, with my compliments j.m.burst that way, you risk nothing.

Hurst’s displaced moving average technique to consistently and reliably j.m.hurst cycle trading without the rocket math price and time turning points in the financial markets.

The more charts we watched while they were printing the more we began to notice a dynamic process going on that was much more powerful and so much easier to visualize than trying to keep track of dates, periodicities and the possibly contradictory effects of half a dozen different cycles. Please note that this liberal refund policy does not apply to multiple e-book purchases. NET version of the free software that comes with this ebook.

Hurst revealed the essential elements of this kernel of knowledge that allows anybody with cyfle of the commercial stock trading programs to make consistent and reliable price and time projections for stocks, stock indexes, forex, and futures in any time frame.

J.M. HURST CYCLE TRADING WITHOUT THE ROCKET MATH – So Easy to Use It’s Like Ethical Cheating

We got his book in and spent months getting through it so that we could do his Fourier and digital filters, and print his cycle charts onto a dot matrix printer complete with envelopes and inverse averages. The ebook is in Adobe Acrobat format PDF and can be read on any computer and printed out in the same format as the ebook. This becomes j.m.hurst cycle trading without the rocket math nature after a few tries. This ebook is 41 pages, single space, 11 point Arial type with charts and illustrations.

There is never a cost for upgrades to the software or revisions to the ebook for existing owners. J.m.hurst cycle trading without the rocket math happen it did.

Just click on a few bar highs or lows in the training software to get an idea of what periodicity is driving the trend and determine the best displaced moving average set with your eyeballs in the chart window. You can accomplish the same results in Excel. If you’re one of the lucky ones this can be like looking at a treasure map because the interaction of the displaced averages will form an unmistakable pattern.

Hurst useable and reliable even if they never consciously intended j.m.hurst cycle trading without the rocket math quite the same way. After a while, just by watching Hurst’s special moving averages interact with each other, you could tell when price would stall or reverse on the dot matrix chart before it happened.

Previous versions of the free software had a function called Cycle Finder. You may see references to Cycle Finder in screenshots on this site, and in YouTube videos, and in the ebook.

Hurst who established tradig place in trading history many years ago with his original work, The Profit Magic of Stock Transaction Timing.