Keystone Butterfly Valves Figure AR1/AR2. General Purpose Valve. PENTAIR. VALVES & CONTROLS. Resilient seated butterfly valves. AR1 (wafer) (2″ to 36″), . Keystone is either a trademark or registered trademark of Tyco International Services AG or its affiliates in the 60W – Wafer style resilient seated butterfly valve. ANSI Class / (Consult your sales representative for additional drilling standards.) Keystone Butterfly Valves Figure AR1/AR2. General Purpose Valve.

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Bi-directional, self-adjusting double V-cup stem seals prevent external contaminants from entering the valve. Open the catalogue to page 2.


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Emerson is where technology and engineering come together to create solutions for the benefit of our customers, driven without compromise for a world in action. For services where common elastomers are unsuitable, Keystone offers animproved design Figure 24, oriented tochemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries.

Thin Disc resilient seated butterfly valves Figure wafer and Figure lug are used when sanitary service or corrosion resistance is buterfly. The Online Industrial Exhibition.

Valve Size, in 1. Open the catalogue to page 8.

Products – Butterfly Valves|Emerson

The relationship butteffly values are linear, therefore you can interpolate Secondary shaft seal by oversizing the shaftdiameter in relation to the shaft hole in the seat. Contact Us View Products. Services for Keystone Products. Consult your sales representative for available trims.

Or, call your Kinetrol experts at Flotech, Catalogue excerpts A one piece thin disc stem covered with 3 mmisostatically molded PTFE providing a veryminimum obstruction to flow.

Experience is only a click away. The effect of dynamic torque is They are available in a variety of trims to meet your higher pressure and temperature requirements. Weight may vary depending on trim materials catalogus. Figure wafer style 1″ to 20″ Figure lug style 2″ to 20″ Flange Standard: Independent, third-party life-cycle testing has shown that Keystone resilient-seated butterfly valves last 2. The isostatically molded seat is speciallymachined to close tolerances to provide the following advantages: Available with PTFE lining for light corrosive services and rubber lining for light caalogue services.

Click the X to close this notice. Figure wafer and Figure lug are used when sanitary service or corrosion resistance kkeystone required. The seat and disc are the only two valve partsin contact with the medium. We are here to help. Succesfull vacuumtests with helium have beenperformed with pressures less than 20 Pa 0,2 millibar. Keystone Butterfly Valves with a reliable and robust construction, higher cycle life with lower total cost of ownership.

Butterfly Valves with a reliable and robust construction, bktterfly cycle life with lower total cost of ownership.

Keystone 990 and 920 Butterfly Valve

General Applications Technical Data Suited to many applications where tight shut-off is required, such as: Triple function, resilient dovetail seat isolates body and stem from line media, provides drop-tight shut-off of line media at full-rated pressure and permits convenient and economical replacement in the field. How We Vxlve Cookies: Open the catalogue to page 4. The accurate machining of all valve components, and the combination of safety precautions in the shaft area provide a drop-tight seatsealing and a positive gastight shut-off through the shaft area to atmosphere.

Operated a minimum of once per day.

Heavy duty, corrosion resistant top bushing provides upper stem support, absorbs actuator sideloading and extends valve cycle life. The Online Industrial Exhibition. Simplified Sizing Formulas Liquid Where: For more specific information on how we use cookies and to change your cookie preferences, see our Cookie Notice.

The charted seating and unseating torques are the sum of all friction and includes opening and closing of the disc against the indicated pressure differential ccatalogue normal service.

Minimize downtime and keep your daily operations compliant, running safe, consistent, and economical. Maintain, preserve, and optimize your assets using predictive, data-driven services and programs.

Integral body locating holes to ease installationand perfect centering of the valve between flanges.