New York Times' great cover up: How Gray Lady gets away with ignoring Joe Biden's corruption

Readers of the New York Times will be shocked to learn the extent of Biden family corruption since the 'paper of record' isn't saying much about it

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On Monday, July 31 the House Oversight Committee will conduct a transcribed interview with Devon Archer, Hunter Biden's former business partner. He will almost certainly testify that Joe Biden was involved in son Hunter Biden’s business activities and that he met with and spoke on the telephone to his son’s partners and investors. 

He will, in short, destroy Joe Biden’s claims he never spoke to Hunter about his business affairs. He will also move House Republicans one step closer to adopting articles of impeachment against President Biden. 

Should that occur, Americans who depend on the New York Times for their news will be incredulous. 


Times’ devotees have almost zero idea that the president is accused of exhorting a Ukrainian oligarch for bribes and lying about his alleged participation in Hunter Biden’s shady business dealings in China, Russia, Ukraine and elsewhere. They don’t know that his Justice Department has reportedly interfered with the investigations that are bringing credible charges closer by the day. 

Imagine: the Times, the so-called "paper of record," has barely covered these stories, which many consider the biggest political scandal since Watergate.  

Investigators in Congress have revealed bank records, eye-witness testimony, text messages and emails, whistleblower accounts and photos indicating that Hunter Biden and other family members were paid millions of dollars by companies in hostile countries in return for access to his father when Joe was Vice President of the United States. There is also mounting proof that Joe Biden not only knew about and participated in these activities but most likely profited directly from them. 

Even more damning, there are documented reports from a reliable long-term FBI confidential informant that Joe Biden demanded a $5 million payoff for himself and another $5 million for his son Hunter from Burisma’s CEO Mykola Zlochevsky, to protect him against corruption investigations being directed by Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin.  

In addition, there has been ample testimony, including from IRS whistleblowers, that the FBI and Joe Biden’s Department of Justice interfered with, slow-walked and blocked the investigation into Hunter’s possible misdeeds.  


In the paper edition of Saturday’s New York Times, there was zero mention of any of the shocking testimony delivered during last week’s hearings in the House; there was no mention of Hunter Biden, not a word about the bribery accusations. 

There was no mention of these matters in Friday’s or Sunday’s or Monday’s papers either.   

New York Times Building

FILE – The New York Times building in New York City (Fox News Photo/Joshua Comins)

Instead, the Times’ biggest story (top right two columns) was about the date chosen for Donald Trump’s trial on charges of mishandling classified documents. The trial is set smack in the middle of the upcoming election. The former president is leading the race to be the Republican candidate in 2024; Democrats are keen to have Trump’s legal problems – and this trial – interfere with the election.  

It is not surprising that the Times (and other liberal media allies) is all but ignoring a story that could destroy Biden’s presidency.  After all, the revelations stand to shatter the solid wall built around President Biden by the liberal media in recent years – a wall protecting him from charges such as those described above but also from scrutiny about his mental acuity. 

In 2020 Joe Biden ran his campaign from his basement, using COVID-19 as an excuse to avoid interviews and public appearances that might reveal his diminished capabilities.  


In 2024 Democrats and their media allies cannot keep Biden secluded. Instead, they want to reelect the president by distracting the public with a blizzard of legal accusations, hearings and trials spotlighting former President Trump’s alleged misdeeds. 

But Democrats may have overdone the legal attacks on Donald Trump. Post-Russiagate, a majority of the country is skeptical of accusations against the former president. Some 62% of those surveyed in a Quinnipiac poll, for instance, think New York Alvin Bragg’s charges against Trump for falsifying business records are politically motivated. Bragg based his 2020 campaign for DA on his history of investigating Trump and zeal to continue doing so. Even one of his Democrat rivals at the time accused Mr. Bragg of attacking Mr. Trump "for political advantage every chance he gets." 

In addition, millions of Americans think that prosecuting Trump for mishandling classified documents is further evidence of political bias in the Biden DOJ.  Even as the Times reports about Trump’s documents issues, it ignores the ongoing investigation into Joe Biden’s possession of secret papers.  

As president, Donald Trump was in a position to declassify information; Joe Biden never enjoyed that privilege. Also, some of Biden’s documents apparently go back to his years in the Senate; walking out of the capitol with classified papers is against the law.

Special Counsel Jack Smith, who is investigating Trump’s documents stash, worked swiftly and has filed 37 charges against the former president. Where is Special Counsel Robert Hur, who was appointed by 

Attorney General Merrick Garland to investigate "possible unauthorized removal and retention of classified documents or other records" by Biden? Hur has not been heard from since his appointment in January.


The more Americans read and hear about the dishonesty of Joe Biden, his family, his attorney general and the FBI, which appears to have obstructed the investigations into the first family’s alleged crimes, the more outraged they will be. And, the more determined they will be to eject Joe Biden from the Oval Office. 

Rightly so.