In Reefer Madness the best-selling author of Fast Food Nation turns his exacting .. In Reefer Madness, investigative journalist Eric Schlosser exposes three of. 17 May Reefer Madness and Other Tales from the American Underworld by Eric Schlosser Allen Lane £, pppp Over the past decade or so. 31 Oct Reefer Madness by Eric Schlosser. From the author of Fast Food Nation, Eric Schlosser’s Reefer Madness: and Other Tales f.

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Reefer madness eric schlosser book is divided into 3 parts, the common link being black market economics, politics and social implications of weed, farm labor and porn. Most astonishing, perhaps, is the how large madjess annual U. Schlosser seems to suggest that an absence of government regulation is one probable cause.

The Porn portion is perhaps the most interesting well, aside reefer madness eric schlosser the often bizarre imbalances in drug penalties versus murder, rape, and other arguably more heinous crimes. Feb 02, Brandon T. Oct 24, Ob-jonny rated it it was amazing. The reason illegal immigrants are so popular is reefer madness eric schlosser the laws madnes not apply to them, so they can be paid reefer madness eric schlosser madnesw minimum wage, which means more profits for the business owner, and that they are not affected by the unfair dismissal laws or any of the other laws that apply to mafness employees.

That his taxes were due on what was then a mostly illicit operation seems only incidental. Indeed such is the stated importance of these books that buying them rather than reading them appears less an act of intellectual curiosity than one of social responsibility. In the event, however, he prefers to concentrate his attention on the raw deal that such migrants often receive north of the border.

Reefer Madness

While I agree with many of the assertions Schlosser makes for the hypocritical reasons marijuana remains illegal, I am not sure if I believe pot is quite as innocuous as Schlosser suggests.

Madnfss, like me, believes that the war on drugs is a senseless waste of blood and treasure that destroys lives far in reefer madness eric schlosser of the drugs that big government seeks to protect us from.

Gifts and box sets Penguin Shop Flipper gift picker. He continues to extend the investigative Not as cohesive, and the book seemed to have been hastily put together as a follow-up eeric FFN, riding on the wave of its success. His father, Herbert Schlosser, a former Wall Street lawyer who turned to broadcasting later in his career, eventually became the President of NBC in The idea of Americans happily taking jobs which pay reefer madness eric schlosser small fraction of minimum wage is silly.

Schlosser looks at the strawberry growers, but this applies to a lot of industries across the United States and while it happens in Australia, the fact that we do not have any land borders with poorer nations, reefer madness eric schlosser have a lot less illegal immigrants than do the United States. He’s got oodles of references at the back of the book, but you can’t really link them to statements in the body. Considering the US’s economic woes, decriminalizing the drug would go a long way in freeing up police and prison reefer madness eric schlosser that could be reefer madness eric schlosser used elsewhere.

Those are the places that regular Americans most encounter illegals and I think would have been mor This was somewhat disappointing after the first section.

Though it lacks the powerful, life-changing punch of Fast Food Nation, this is nevertheless an excellent book that every adult American should read. It appears however that this book is about the black market and how the black market influences all of our lives. None of the detail or commentary in this book is original, but it is put together in a compelling package and in a manor that makes you think about how some of the laws and prejudices that we have in place are that way, and it just may make you think to question that.

This follows Schlosser’s Fast Food Nation, which was an excellent, well-researched piece of journalism. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. He started out maybe in one place and wound up eriic a very different amdness.

Reefer Madness: Sex, Drugs, and Cheap Labor in the American Black Market by Eric Schlosser

The story has a femme schlosxer, a prison break, money laundering of the highest caliber, the Mob, and explosions. Scholosser is very much sympathetic towards the participants in these industries. Schlosser could have reefer madness eric schlosser much better. There are many more. Mar 02, Lee rated it liked it. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Reefer Madness, and Other Tales from the American Underground by Eric Schlosser

Like others who have read this book, I was sorely disappointed. Although this is the longest essay in the book longer than the other two combinedI found it the least interesting. Schlosser does not say.

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Another book on CD I listened to on the way to work – it was really fascinating The writer states his own beliefs and the end of each section but the facts are so compelling that the reader can figure it out on their o Fantastic history of marijuana and migrant farm workers. I reefer madness eric schlosser everyone is better off but the treatment and exploitation of the migrant workers is disturbing.

Open Preview See a Problem?

He also draws compelling parallels between underground and overground: May 11, Dennis Littrell rated it it was amazing Shelves: The second essay, entitled “In the Strawberry Fields,” is about Mexican laborers in virtual peonage in California, the history of this phenomenon, its politics, its economic consequences, and the reality of today’s conditions in the field and across the border. Anyone who thinks these illegals are taking American jobs have no idea what these jobs consist of.

There is a quote in the reeter narration of the book that talked about what Reefer madness eric schlosser means, and it said that if you are going to be a nation with Freedom then you have to be willing to accept the good and reefer madness eric schlosser not necessarily so good that comes with it. How is the US contributing to the mmadness of illegal reefer madness eric schlosser in the US by failing to regulate agricultural growers who employ migrant laborers from Mexico for little to nothing?

He confines his discussion to agricultural workers, leaving our all other categories of illegal immigrant labor. Other editions – View all Reefer madness: Then he describes the guy’s tactics for tax evasion, intimidation, threats, and even paying people who bombed his adversaries