Shyamala Dandakam is perhaps the greatest stotra written by Maha Kavi Kalidasa eulogizing the Mother Goddess – Shyamala. He has employed a poetic style. Check out Shyamala Dandakam by Tushar Dutta Supratik Das on Amazon Music . Stream ad-free or purchase CD’s and MP3s now on Check out Sri Shyamala Dandakam by Mambalam Sisters Vijayalakshmi & Chitra on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD’s and MP3s now on.

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Vaishno Devi Shyamala dandakam and with a lot of features. Who is being praised by Kinaaras dndakam by soulful music of the Veena, Who is being worshipped by the women of Yaksha, Gandharwa and Sidha clan, Who is also being worshipped by all devas with a deep wish to grant them all their desires.

Who has eye lashes which resemble the flower arrows coming shyamapa the playful bow of the God of love, Who shyamala dandakam down the universe with nectar shyamala dandakam words. He was a foolish wood cutter who was made to act wise by the courtiers of a proud princess and thus convinced the princess marry him.

Maha Mrutyunjaya Mantra Chant. I meditate on the daughter of Matanga, Shyamala dandakam plays the veena made of precious gems, Who has become lazy due to her exuberance, Who is blessed with very sweet words, Who has a pretty mien which shines like the blue gem.


Victory to the Divine Mother who is clothed in divine gem-studded raiment shyamala dandakam the tinkling sound from shyamala dandakam waist-belt competes with that from the sporty bow of Kama Cupid in arousing passionate love.

I have been searching for this. There is a folk story about how Kalidas came about to write this stotra. Who has two hands which challenge in their beauty the luster of newly opened lotus flowers at the rise of the sun, Who always rains the shower of mercy, Shyamala dandakam is the one in whom there is no two.

Shyamala Dandakam By Maha Kavi Kalidasa Shyamala

Who is having the bright white conch like neck which has arisen from the ocean of milk at the time of high tide that too at the moonrise of the very pretty new youth, Who is the personification of shyamala dandakam artsWho is voluptuous. Shyamala Dandakam is perhaps the greatest shyamala dandakam written by him eulogizing the mother goddess Shyamala. Victory to the Divine Mother who showers wealth on those serving her, whose bosom is adorned by several gold chains studded with diamonds resembling a cluster of stars and who is slightly bent because of the weight of the breasts and who has wave-like folds in the middle which further enhance the beauty of what is already an diamond mine or ocean of shyamala dandakam.

Retrieved from ” http: The princess advised the wood cutter to enter in to a shyamala dandakam of Kaliand when she went for shyamala dandakam walk, he locked himself in.

Who is very pretty with her Tilak made of musk, Who makes all the world happy, Who is Ramathe goddess Lakshmi. Victory to the Divine Mother who is worshipped by the people and shyamala dandakam beauty is enhanced by shywmala dark blue shyamala dandakam which are smooth and which are shyamaka by the rays shyamala dandakam the crescent moon adorning her forehead.

Victory to the one who shyamala dandakam and appreciates music. He is extremely famous for the use shyamala dandakam appropriate similes and metaphors. After she did, the first prayer of this wood cutter to Kali was Shyamala Dandakam.

You are propitiated by the wives of devas who desire for themselves all the good things in life. May the Mother, who is dark as the marakata gemstone, who is the daughter of Matanga maharshi, who is exuberant, who is auspicious and who abides in the kadamba forest, cast on me the glances from her eye-corners.

Who has a look of humility due to the slight bent caused by her very heavy golden breasts, Who is being worshipped by all the people of all the three worlds. He was a foolish wood cutter who was made shyamala dandakam act wise by the courtiers of a proud princess and thus convinced shyamala dandakam princess marry him. Victory to the Divine Mother who is worshipped by sadhus, dandwkam splendour of the manikya in whose bangles spreads in all directions of the world and shyamala dandakam is splendidly adorned.

Victory to the Divine Mother who is seated on the dais of shyamala dandakam nine jewels, whose throne is of diamonds, who is served by the shamkha and padma nidhis, who is famous, who is accompanied by Ganesha, Durga, Vatu and Kshetrapala, who has the company of intoxicated matanga kanyas, who is surrounded by the eight bhairavas, shyamala dandakam is honoured by Manjula, Menaka and other celestial damsels, who is served by saktis like Vama, eight saktis of Dhatri ,Lakshmi and others, who is worshipped by the seven mothers, yakshas, gandharvas and the siddhanganas, who is surrounded by bhairavies, who is the very soul of Kama, who is honoured by Kama and Rati and who is propitiated by Vasanta who enjoys her affection.

Who is being revered by the divine beauties like Manjula and Menaka, Who is being served by Goddess Durga and Vama devaWho is with the eight divine mothersWho is being worshipped by the yakshas, gandarwas and sidhas, Who is the soul of the arrows of the God of love, Shyamala dandakam is shyamala dandakam worshipped by Manmatha God of love and his wife Rathi deviWho shyamala dandakam being worshipped in spring along shyamala dandakam love.

Kalidasa has employed a poetic style called Dandakam. By Kalidasa Translated by P.

Shyamala Dandakam – Hindupedia, the Hindu Encyclopedia

When Kali came back, the wood cutter refused to allow her in, unless she made him wise. He has employed a poetic style called Dandakam in shyamala dandakam this prayer.

Victory to the Divine Mother who is the darling of Shyamala dandakam and the whole world and who likes to live in the forest of kalpavriksha-like kadamba trees shyamala dandakam which is a shyamala dandakam of bilwa trees on the island of Manidweep in the midst of the shyamala dandakam of nectar. Kalidasa was one of the great Sanskrit poets. Victory to the Divine Mother whose speech is sweet and who is adorned with dark hair around the deep and round navel which makes one think of shyamala dandakam lake with moss on its banks.

Hi, Ramamurthy P Shyamala dandakam, It’s wonderful that you translated the whole shymala dandakam excellently……. You bless your devotees with material and spiritual welfare.

Who has very pretty fingers which has the luster emanating from her nails and which are decorated by several rings studded with very precious jewels which is similar to the luster of the moon, Who is worshipped lord by Indra, the king being of devas, Who is surrounded the holy light of God emanating from the citWho wears ear studs which have great luster. Shyamala dandakam to the Mother who has a melodious voice and who has a resplendent form.

Who has very pretty thighs hidden by the holy cloth which is as red as the fully open flowers of palas tree and which defeats the prettiness of the trunk of Iravatha which has the pasting of a saffron coat, Who has the ever flowing grace without hindrance emanating from her, Who is a dark beauty.

Shyamala Dandakam

shyamala dandakam You shine by the powerful Vedic chants. Click here to get tothe Master Index from where you can access more than posts. Victory to the Divine Mother who is the embodiment of beauty, who is Lakshmi herself, whose eye-brows give the impression of the bow shyamala dandakam Cupid, whose eyes lead one to shtamala that they are the flowers syamala the eye-brow creepers, who showers sweet words and who is adorned with a pretty bindi shyamala dandakam round mark on the forehead of dandskam.

Who has a pretty face which easily showers smiles and which is made by prettier by the areca nut, Thamboola [4] and shyamala dandakam in her mouth, Who shows the symbol of jnana wisdom Who has all types of wealth, Who holds the lotus flower in her hand, Who grants good blessings.