this is not a rehearsal. This enables easier manual focussing. The DSR-PDP incorporates three 1/3-inch CCDs with , REPLACE THESE. COMPONENTS WITH SONY PARTS WHOSE PART NUMBERS .. DSR-PD/PDP. This section is extracted from instruction manual. Buy: Sony DSR-PD Instruction Manual MFR: VDISOPD Brand: Kenro, Format: Book.

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The size and position aony the guide frame do sony dsr-pd150 manual affect the setting of the camcorder. Page 92 Setting time values Setting the sony dsr-pd150 manual bits value You can set the user bits as eight-digit hexadecimal values base sont to have the date, time, scene number, and other information inserted into the time code.

Focusing Manually Focusing manually You can gain better results by manually adjusting the focus in the following cases: Step 3 Inserting a cassette 1 Install the power source p.

Optional Accessories Optional Accessories Some of the following accessories may not be available in certain countries. Page Labeling a cassette To change the label you have made Insert the amnual to change the label, and operate in the same way as you do dsr-pdd150 make a new label.

Note When opening the LCD panel, the viewfinder is automatically turned off, however, it is not turned off when the LCD panel is turned over or sony dsr-pd150 manual camcorder is in mirror mode. sony dsr-pd150 manual

Sony DSR-PD150

When fading out the picture gradually changes from color to black-and-white. Page 70 – searching for a photo without using cass Manyal can adjust the channel 1 and channel 2 separately. You can select the drop frame or non-drop frame system using the menu. The contents is sony dsr-pd150 manual supplied by the manufacturer which is beyond our control.

Download free pdf for Sony DSR-PD Camcorders manual

Page You cannot record the index screen. Your camcorder automatically starts playing back at the selected index point. Got it, continue to print.

You cannot record the index screen. When you connect to a Sony VCR using an i. Make sure that the LOCK switch is set to the right unlock position. Page Identifying the parts and controls rs Remote sensor rd Camera recording lamp p. Using the zoom sony dsr-pd150 manual sparingly results sony dsr-pd150 manual better-looking recordings.

Shooting with manual adjustment Releasing the SteadyShot function When the SteadyShot function is working, the camcorder compensates for camera- shake.

If you close the Dsrpd150 panel, you can monitor the playback picture in the viewfinder. The time value is displayed on the LCD screen, in the viewfinder, or on the display window. Commander modes 1, 2 and 3 are used to sony dsr-pd150 manual your camcorder from other Sony VCRs to avoid remote control misoperation.

The modified file will not be read. Setting time values The camcorder uses soyn types of time values: Maanual of Contents Add to my manuals Add. If a still image to be superimposed has lots of white areas The thumbnail image may not be displayed clearly. Noise may sony dsr-pd150 manual on the image. As the image is being stored, the fader indicator flashes fast, and the playback picture appears. The indicator appears on the LCD screen or manial the viewfinder.

Connect the yellow plugs of the cable to the video input of the video printer and the VIDEO jack on your camcorder. When the sony dsr-pd150 manual is in recording pause mode, the recorded time code is read from the tape and synchronized to the internal time code generator.

You can record manuzl a low position to get an interesting recording angle. When the shooting conditions are too bright Use the supplied large sony dsr-pd150 manual. More Using “Memory Stick” Adjusting the white balance Connecting optional sony dsr-pd150 manual microphone Playing back tape Using the wide mode Selecting the image quality mode Using the nd filter Warning indicators and messages.

The label can consist of up to 10 characters and is stored in cassette memory. The camcorder rewinds or fast-forwards the tape and the last five-second recorded picture is played back.

Sony DSR-PD150 user manual

The digital effect indicator appears. When the playback pause mode lasts for five minutes Your camcorder automatically enters the stop mode.

Your camcorder automatically starts playback at the beginning of the selected date. It can be used as an index later. Pictures recorded in When you use your camcorder on a sandy beach or in sony dsr-pd150 manual dusty place, protect it from the sand or dust.