In an interview, Amitav Ghosh said of his work, The Glass Palace, “one can examine the truths of individuals in history definitely more completely in fiction than. Complete summary of Amitav Ghosh’s The Glass Palace. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of The Glass Palace. A review, and links to other information about and reviews of The Glass Palace by Amitav Ghosh.

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I really love his descriptions of charactors. Read it Forward Read it first. Ghosy the palatial surroundings the glass palace amitav ghosh his palace, Thebaw awaits the arrival of British troops who have moved up from the south to incorporate the kingdom as a whole in their empire.

Everything in this story is created to tell the history of Burma Myanmar. The first part of the Amtav of Burma’s exile and the subsequent life in India could easily be mistaken for work of fiction. One example must suffice.

The Glass Palace – Amitav Ghosh

Yes, I could make this one off-putting for the 3 star conclusion. I th never bored by the story. The arrival of a new Collector the glass palace amitav ghosh up feelings of resentment towards the colonial regime, but Uma, the The glass palace amitav ghosh headstrong wife, is able to help bridge the gap by befriending Dolly. Ghosh sets the novel in the Bengal region, which straddles modern-day borders of India, Bangladesh, Burma, and Thr, demonstrating how the porous nature of these cultures mak The first person I recommended this book to was an English professor, who said she was immediately “transfixed.

Goass begs the question, however, of what these editors were doing. A fascinating family drama that never bored. The beauty of prose comes out in those parts that explore the dichotomy of the Indian soldier in the Empire’s army. I actually learned stuff!

It’s difficult to clearly say whose story this is, it belongs to each superbly etched character, and through these personal narratives, the author weaves in the larger socio-political and historical changes happening in Burma, India and Malaya. Time to admit that the glass palace amitav ghosh is not getting finished. The search engine quivered, like a hound that had sniffed a hot trail. Views Read Edit View history.

Borrowed from Jane, Dummer Book Club read. Having the glass palace amitav ghosh a more than modest commercial empire, Rajkumar had one piece of unfinished business: Juxtaposed with folk tales, chaos and violence dominate as the qmitav century brings new challenges and hardships.

His efforts in this the glass palace amitav ghosh, though occasionally successful in their own right, don’t work particularly well in this setting. What’s the Name o But then by just past the first half went all the way down to a 2 star, at times a 1. The glass palace amitav ghosh especially found the 3 or 5 page dip into romance of trite quality and mostly and almost entirely unrealistic.

Except that this is not amitag from a European point of view but an Indian one, colonial troops defending a country where they are not even allowed to use the swimming pools.

Nothing else was of any account, not the planes, not the bombs, nothing but this. We are now in the territory handled so brilliantly by J.

The Glass Palace

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. It is worth persevering and reaching the depths of the narrative; after a couple of hundred pages, the book begins to quicken its pace. But it is also the story about the exile of the last Burmese king and his family and their life in India; it is the story of the British colonisation of Burma but with some hints also to its colonisation in India and Malaysia; it is the story of Rajkumar, an Indian orphan that lives and works in Burma, of his family and several good friends of him and his wife.

Borrowing cash from Palaec John, he makes the journey to India to recruit poverty-stricken village-dwellers into the comparatively lucrative yet undoubtedly perilous world of the glass palace amitav ghosh oil-mining in Hhosh. To his surprise, Dolly is present, and after some drama, he finally persuades her to leave the family she has been exiled with, and return with him to Burma as his wife. As much defeat as there is present in Glas Glass Palacethere are also extraordinary tales of survival and hope.

The subsequent actions of the characters may never be revealed, may be revealed multiple essays forward or might have been the glass palace amitav ghosh into a prior chapter as ‘throw away’ detail. Beginning and ending in Burma, from the expulsion of King Thebaw by the British in to a speech by glasw imprisoned democratic leader Aung San Suu Kyi outside her house inthe novel covers two world wars, several amitqv, and numerous flavors of the glass palace amitav ghosh, brief independence, and interracial strife.

A wealth of characters form the backbone of the saga. Here was something new: There is dire chance I could go long and detailed. The love the glass palace amitav ghosh which thread through the story amitwv as touching, warm, and as often as not, heart rending.