Graphic Novel version of the trilogy. For the non-graphic novel version, look here. For the rest of the Star Wars Universe. Heir to the Empire, Dark F. 8 Jan The NOOK Book (eBook) of the Star Wars: The Thrawn Trilogy by Mike novel The Last Command, in which Grand Admiral Thrawn creates an. 8 Jan The decorated pair come together to adapt Timothy Zahn’s best-selling novel The Last Command, in which Grand Admiral Thrawn creates an.

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This is the graphic novel, not the original novels which were great. You will kill Luke Skywalker! With a newly-increased Imperial starfleet and a growing army of stormtroopers, Thrawn has begun to regain some of the Empire’s lost territories, either by direct invasion or as a result of planetary governments switching sides to avoid the ravages of war on their worlds.

Thrwwn Thrawn Trilogy Star Wars: The art is older too, the images not representing the characters in a very attractive light, but the space ships and battles and basically everything except people are finely detailed, which is nice. The artwork between the three books changes, which I don’t have trilogu issue with, but the first volume’s artwork is terrible.

The results were a little off. It falls in a weird area of being too faithful to the original dialogue and not trilogg faithful enough to help us understand what is exactly being talked about half the time. Jun 15, Scott Terbush braphic it it was amazing. The Thrawn Trilogy 4. This is a really rather well done comic adaptation of the novels!

Star Wars – The Thrawn Trilogy

To see more full summaries of the actual novel check them out on my website where I have a full page review of each book in the series: Then, inscience fiction novelist Rrilogy Zahn’s new trilogy of Star Wars tales began, and it reminded Star Wars fans everywhere of the latent potential still lingering like a welcome disturbance in the Force in that galaxy far, far away.

Maybe he’ll finally make it to the big screen one day. It’s incredible, if you haven’t graohic the books and you like Star Wars, you need to read them. Mara, however, has been dealing with visions of the Emperor commanding her to kill Luke.

Star Wars – The Thrawn Trilogy – Comics by comiXology

The usual suspects of Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo, Lando Calrissian, and they each have special roles to play, alongside a growing legion of smugglers and Rebel fighter pilots In the middle book Leia is very much pregnant with twins!!

The last of the Emperor’s warlords, Admiral Thrawn, is ready to destroy the New Republic — and the odds are stacked heavily against Luke, Leia, and Han! But across the galaxy lies a dying part of the Empire — all the more dangerous near death — and it has just discovered something that could bring it back to life!

Other books in the series. This is then followed by: May 01, Trekscribbler rated it it was amazing. As the Republic’s only Jedi Knight, Luke needs any help he can get if he is to re-establish the new Jedi Order, starting with his sister Leia and her soon-to-be-born twins Jacen and Jaina. Where the Thrawn novel is his origin story, this graphic novel version of the original s novels is Grand Triloggy Thrawn at the peak of his career. This was a special treat, to just thrqwn at the graphic novels that are all bound together in one giant tome.

Little Moments of Love Catana Chetwynd. Jan 09, Harry rated it really liked it. Five years grwphic the destruction of the second Death Star and the deaths of Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader, all’s not going idyllically for the struggling New Republic. By using our graphicc you agree to our use of cookies. This is especially true for Shadows of the Empire which somewhat tells the story of the book but from different perspectives, adding other material not found in the book version.

For the expanded universe, this is it’s key stone. Uzumaki 3-in-1, Deluxe Edition Junji Ito. It falls i Not a rating for the story itself, but rather for the adaptation. May the Force be with you.

Having been a while since I read the novels on which this was based, I had a hard time following large chucks of plot that seemed to go by in single panels or off screen.

This page hardcover volume is a collection of the 17 separate issues writer Mike Baron adapted from Zahn’s best-selling trilogy.

Least favorite part was trying to keep up with all the bounty hunters and smugglers, it was a little hard to follow. C’baoth, that mysterious Jedi Master who has emerged from seemingly nowhere, is now on a dark side-fueled power trip and becoming more a hindrance to Thrawn’s plans than an asset. Meanwhile, C’baoth continues to aid Thrawn in his campaign against the New Republic, but his thirst for power and his insistence that Skywalker and his Force-sensitive family members be brought to him are putting the insane Jedi Master at odds with the Grand Admiral.

This is the good stuff, and the older fans know it. The original trilogy had come to its close with mild controversy Ewoks? Jun 12, Mike rated it liked it.

Read of how the newly restored new Republic was almost lost, when the most capable of the Empire’s Grand Admirals returned from the unknown regions a Not happy with the way The Last Jedi ended for a few of your cherished icons?